Friday, January 15, 2016

Gift Of Prayer

copyright(c)Daneille Gray Snowden

Gift Of Prayer
By Daneille
My daughter's:
Tabitha (front),
Felecia (back).
Many, many years ago as a teen girl: my godly mother handed me a little book. Well, it looked like one at first glance. But, then she sat me down and had me open it. I opened up and saw my mother's handwriting as she created a prayer journal for my very own. You see, back then; it was not sold in book stores and seen in popular Christian movies. My dear mother had a gift of intercession (of prayer); and wanted to pass this mantle on to me. THANK YOU MOM! {As I send a wink up to heaven!}
I am a student still of God's Word; still growing and learning each day. One thing I have seen that is the most precious jewel in our lives is the GIFT OF PRAYER. Wow, what a true blessing and honor it truly is to be able to chat with the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE; sharing our heart, plus interceding on the behalf of others.
Many times over, my pockets are empty: but I have found God's treasure chest is full! This is when we go to the THRONE ROOM; worshipping before the King of Kings, then sending up petitions for others as well as for ourselves. The scripture clearly tells us to 'KNOW  ME.' [Speaking of God.]
John 8:32  "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Isaiah 51:1-23 “Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, you who seek the Lord: look to the rock from which you were hewn,"

I do pray and intercede daily. I even use my social media as a prayer list. For years, I had a prayer journal; yet the past few it went by the way side. I just prayed as it came to me. Thank God for the movie: War Room ; it refreshed me and reminded me of MY LEGACY through my mother. Thus, I made myself a prayer journal and haven't stopped adding onto it. It's such a HIGH, to lift others up to JESUS; Who knows all about our infirmities, faults, failures, needs and hurts.
Then, it was like mama got God's permission to whisper into my hearts ear: "Daneille hun, have you made your daughters a prayer journal yet?" Um, um, I hadn't. Although, to be fare we do teach them to pray and study their Bible's daily. So, I got to work. If ANYONE KNOWS ME...knows this...I am not crafty; or well, at least like to do crafts. YET... I shut myself in my room and went to work.

I know it's a rag-a-muffin lookin journal, but I prayed over them for the Lord to place the heart of prayer into my woman of virtue. I designed it with 3 columns: DATE PRAYED / REQUEST / DATE ANSWERED.  I also have pages for them to write special prayers the Lord lays on their heart for themselves and others. It has some scripture, but really I kept this open for them to write down their own verses.
Mom's, Dad's --- teach your children to pray. They are the next generation; the one to lead others (the church of Jesus Christ); let us pass on the most powerful legacy there is to pass on:
The Gift of Prayer!

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