Thursday, January 10, 2013

Be A Caster Offer! [Current FB Prayer Request.]

    My heart is full this evening. Never was any of us created to carry the burdens that arise is this life. I want to be a caster offer! Constantly casting all into the arms of the Great 'I AM'!

    I Peter 5:7 "Cast all your cares on Him for He careth for you."
He does care---more than we can ever fathom. If we just could grasp the compassion and nurture Spirit of our Lord; we then shall be engulfed with an enormity of Peace that will enlightened our spirits to soar and do more for the Kingdom of our God!

Our Face Book Page Current Prayer Request This Past 


I want to invite you, if you haven't yet, to join us on face book as we share more intimately with one another our prayer needs. 

A mother just asked me to post this:
One of the girls from my son's high school just found out she's pregnant. She's planning to get an abortion. Please, please pray!

Please pray with me for a close family friends 7 month old baby girl Haley she was hospitalized with croup & has had to return 2 more times now, they took her back today to run tests to find out why she is still so sick! So scary when they're so little!! This has all been within a week!! Thank you!!
Prayers needed for some childhood friends. They were in a car accident today. J.' didn't survive, but B.' is in Critical condition in the hospital in a coma with brain bleeds. Please pray for their families and B.'s recovery. Thank you.
Everyone please continue to pray for a small child. He had a CT scan today. They are trying to determine if the tumor has shrunk enough to do surgery. And please continue to pray for the parents. This is tough on parents!
With my recent cancer diagnosis, my sister was prompted to get a mammogram also, as it had been several years since her last one. Now, tomorrow, she will be having a needle biopsy on a small spot they found. Please pray for her procedure to go well, for accurate results, and for comfort for my sister.
Please pray for our friend, A.'. She is at a Clinic having tests run. She has had some very serious health issues over the past several years. Anne will be at the Clinic at least until Saturday maybe longer. Her condition has worsened over the last few weeks. The dr's are testing to see if they can determine why she has bleeding with weakness, abdominal pain and joint discomfort with weakness.
Prayers needed for a family member. Their baby girl passed today.
My son's girlfriend has a great-grandson who is not yet a month old. He has been life-flighted to a hospital. There is not enough blood flow to his heart. Please pray.
A high school classmate collapsed yesterday, was lifeflghted, and placed on a respirator, which may be removed today if it has not already been. Please pray God will not let Susie leave this life unless she knows the Lord.