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Daniel Nash-Prayer Minister for Charles Finney

Prayer That Brings Heaven to Earth Part II

Written by: Daniel Kolenda
Friday, January 06, 2012
From D. Kolenda's book: Your Kingdom Come
Let this be our vision as prayer warriors. Read this story and be ultimately changed.
"The Divine Alliance

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10
This Bible Study has been taken from Chapter VI of Daniel Kolenda’s new book “Your Kingdom Come” and is for those who desire to enter into a divine partnership with God and His purposes by joining the prayer revolution.
Charles Finney (1792-1875) is considered by many people to have been one of the greatest revivalists in American history. When Finney preached in a city, the entire region was powerfully impacted by the holy presence of God, which seemed to descend like a cloud. The tangible presence of God would be felt for miles around and multitudes of people would come to Jesus as if being drawn by a mysterious, magnetic force. Churches would be overwhelmed with new converts. Crime rates would plummet, and jails would empty because of the numbers of people who had come to Jesus. The moral nature of cities and regions would be impacted for decades to come because of the supernatural work that was done by the Holy Spirit through this man of God. Interestingly, approximately 80 percent of those people who came to Jesus in Finney’s meetings were still actively serving the Lord twenty-five years after their initial salvation experience16 – an extraordinary statistic.
The amazing revivals that followed the ministry of Charles Finney were much more than just the result of the eloquent preaching of this evangelist. There was an atmosphere that followed Charles Finney that reflected the holiness of God. When people encountered that atmosphere, their testimony was much the same as the prophet Isaiah who, encountering the holiness of God, cried out in despair, “Woe is me! for I am undone…” (Isaiah 6:5). People were stricken by the horrors of their sins and the deep offense that sin caused in the heart of God. A reverential fear of the Lord was experienced by many that caused them to turn to the Lord with true, heartfelt repentance, and they were never the same again.
Much has been written about the amazing ministry of Charles Finney, but very little is known about another man named Daniel Nash who was an associate of Finney. Very few people even knew that he existed. He was very quiet by nature and rarely, if ever, attended any of the revival meetings where Finney preached. Though he had been a pastor early in his life, he had been wounded by some church leaders who had fired him from his church thinking he was too old. He was forty-six at the time. This breaking of Nash’s heart was only a part of the preparation for a much greater work that God had prepared for him to do. Nash’s ministry was a ministry of prayer and intercession. Because of his hurt, he withdrew from public ministry but became a man of mighty prevailing prayer!
God brought Daniel Nash and Charles Finney together to form a team that was to be used by God in a most phenomenal way. Nash would precede Charles Finney’s arrival in a city for revival meetings. He would go to the city and check into a boarding house and begin praying for the meetings that were coming. Sometimes he wouldn’t come out of his room for days at a time as he devoted himself totally to intercession. Sometimes people reported hearing weeping and groaning coming from this man’s room as he prayed for the Holy Spirit’s power to be released and a mighty harvest to be reaped when Charles Finney came to preach.
Daniel Nash would pray for days before he felt that the work had been done in the spirit for the meetings to convene. Other times he would pray for three to four weeks in advance of Finney’s arrival, but he would not quit until he felt in his spirit that the preparation through intercession was complete. Nash prayed until he felt that the spiritual atmosphere had been prepared, and once he felt a release, he would send word to Charles Finney that the town was ready for him to come. Finney would follow, preach the Gospel, and the tidal floods of God’s holy, convicting, and saving glory would overwhelm the town and people would come to Jesus to be saved as a result.
The greatest moves of God in American history occurred during this season of time. Entire regions were changed as a result of Finney’s ministry. Historians point to those meetings as having such a profound impact upon people and societies that the effects could still be seen a century or more later! The powerful preaching of Charles Finney that saw hundreds of thousands of people saved would have never had the impact it did had it not been for the spiritual partnership with the intercessory ministry of Daniel Nash. It is interesting to note that only four months after Daniel Nash’s death, Charles Finney left the itinerate revival ministry to pastor a church. The powerful revivals that characterized his ministry and changed a nation began to wane.
Daniel Nash is buried in a simple grave in an obscure cemetery behind a farmer’s barn in upstate New York. It was lost in history for many decades. On his small, well-worn tombstone are these words: “Daniel Nash – Prayer minister for Charles Finney.” Though he was virtually unknown to the masses, God used Nash in a most profound way to birth the revivals of Charles Finney which touched multitudes. Surely, Daniel Nash enjoys the same fruit of reward as Charles Finney in Heaven today because of the role he played in intercession and prayer! I believe that there are many Daniel Nash’s in the earth today. They are known only to God (and maybe a few family members or friends). They may never write a book. They may never have a television program. They may never have a large public ministry that draws money, popularity, and acclaim of the masses, but their unseen labors in the spirit through intercessory prayer are resulting in the work of God moving forward in the earth. They may be strangers while here, but one day they will be champions in Heaven.

The next great move of God will come as a result of Prayer & Obedience by the body of Christ. Discover how God made us partners with Him for the fulfillment of His purposes in the earth."

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Bring All Your Needs To the Alter

The alter in the Old Testament was where they brought their sacrifices of repentance and worship to the Temple.  Today, it is the same, with the addition of bringing our needs.
Remember that old hymn used for an alter call? "Bring all your needs to the alter, bring all your needs to the Lord. He is so willing and able to help you. Bring all your needs to the Lord."
I will be stepping back from our Face Book Page where the majority of the prayer requests come.
If you have a need please leave them in the 'comment' section here on this post. All of the sisters will join together and agree in prayer with you.
Know that you are not alone. We have a loving Heavenly Father there for us and in that His love pours into His children. We are here for one another.
Lord bless!
Face Book Page:

Monday, January 9, 2012


"I have been praying this morning I feel like we should all set our alarms on our phones for a specific time each day & agree together in prayer for our needs here on our site & each other & our families for our needs & thank God & praise him together." 

Here is the plan:  Set your phone alarm (or other) to stop and pray for your sisters needs presented for the day. Of course it shouldn't take long, unless God has other plans. 

Eastern Time Zone: 10 pm
Central Time Zone: 9 pm
Mt. Time Zone: 8 pm
Pacific Time Zone: 7 pm

I just know the enemy will try to fight this in our individual lives using distraction and typical attacks. But, God is faithful and He has called us to intercede. 
Revival, breakthroughs all types of healing will definitely happen. PtL!
Thank You prayer warriors!

Recent Prayer Requests & Prayer from Face Book Group Page

Face book Mom's Praying for the Generations Link:

Starting the Most Recent:  (Just the past few days.)

I just wanted to give you all a much-needed update on my sister Niccole. You may remember that I requested prayer on her birthday, October 27th, as she has been a drug addict for years and has lost custody of both of her amazing children. Well, God has been working miracles in her life ever since then. She has been clean since a little before her birthday and He has placed amazing people in her life! Rehab facilities won't take her on, as she is also a brittle diabetic (since age 7), and they can't handle her medical issues (which she has TONS of), but she is in a 12-step program, goes to meetings every day, sometimes 2 a day, as well as being very active in a couple of different churches. She is sooo committed to the Lord and she amazes me every day! Thank you so much for your prayers, and as it is a daily struggle, please remember her in your prayers! I am going to suggest that she join our page, too:) Thank you Jesus!!
     Daneille Snowden Rhonda Snowden-Imoo! Praise the Lord!!! That is awesome! Glory to God. To think too...her godly Aunt her prayed for her would be thrilled to hear this and she knows now to rejoicing around the Throne of God (Aunt Charlotte). God is faithful...thank the Lord for His Children who pray.
   Lori Huffman Anderson Oh praise God that is awesome news thank u Jesus I will continue praying for her & her family!!

Asking you all to pray for the family of a young man named Seth. He tried to take his own life on Jan. 3rd, but survived. The dr's said he would most likely be blind, and at least partially paralyzed. There is much more to the story, but the sad end is this: last night the family decided to "pull the plug". Seth passed away last night.

Please keep his parents and siblings in your prayers. I cannot imagine what they must be going through. I have a few friends whose children/grandchildren have committed suicide. It is something they will never fully recover from.

Thanks for praying!
Daneille Snowden 
Oh God! This is way to much and to hard for our hearts to handle, understand and fathom. We lift up Seth's family up to You. God, open their hearts to Your strength and comfort. Send Godly people their way to direct them to You fully. Heal 
this family. We lift up young people today, God we pray in our own lives we reach out to them more and more. We bind the enemy for trying to deceive them into this destructive action. In the Name of Jesus we pray & agree! ~amen


Grandaughter Erin will be on the principal's list...which means she is on the honor role and doing well at school with her citizenship...thank you for praying for her...she is doing better at school...the teacher says it makes Erin feel secure whem I am in the classroom helping. Grandson Chaz still needs help and prayer....he is struggling and needs to be encouraged and not to see himself in a negative way. Thank you for your prayers...also his mom has a new boyfriend..not sure if he is a believer. I think it may be affecting Chaz as well.
Daneille Snowden Thank You Lord for this praise of Erin's success! Glory to God! We still lift up Chaz and his mommy; heal this family continually. We know You are definitely doing a great work. ~amen
Maria Eugenia Pazos Pereyra
This is my Victoria Please pray for her!
Romans 8:26


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not Ashamed to Pray


Not Ashamed to Pray
By Cheryl Odden

"Perhaps one of the biggest stumbling blocks in our prayer life and our relationship with Christ is disappointment. We are disappointed in our spiritual life, job, country, church, and perhaps even our family.

If we get to the heart of the issue, our disappointment is directed not at these areas of our lives but at God. We may ask: How could he allow this (circumstance) to happen? Why isn’t he helping me overcome these sin issues in my life? Why isn’t he rewarding me for my hard work? Why isn’t he bringing about revival in our nation? Why isn’t he working in our children’s hearts?

The apostle Paul had every "right" to be disappointed in God. Paul was given a dramatic salvation experience and was launched into ministry. People were coming to Christ; religious and government officials were being convicted. It couldn’t get any better than that, could it? It did. Paul was thrown in jail. There he wrote several letters, which today are cornerstones of the Christian faith.

Yet Paul saw his chains not as a disappointment or a setback, but as an opportunity. He wrote to Timothy, advising him not to be ashamed of him, and used Onesiphorus as an example of one who was "not ashamed" of his chains." He invited Timothy to share in his sufferings through God’s power. Then earlier in his letter to the Philippians, he tells them that his imprisonment has furthered the gospel not frustrated it (1:12-14). And more so, his bonds have emboldened believers to preach without fear.

As we pray for the persecuted church, let us first evaluate our relationship with Christ. Spend some time alone with God, asking him to reveal any areas of your life where you are disappointed in him. If we allow ourselves to be honest, have we accused him of being indifferent toward our trials? Are we viewing our current sufferings as an obstacle for the gospel or an opportunity? Agree with him that your disappointment ultimately is sin. Thank him that he uses all things for his good purposes, and then stand on what’s true about him: Jesus is the chief cornerstone (Matthew 21:42); the earth is his and all it contains (Psalm 24:1); and he is the "ruler over the kings of the earth" (Revelation 1:5).

Then start praying for your persecuted family who is inviting you to fellowship in their sufferings according to God’s power."
My husband Brad & I support VOM's ministry as well are becoming area director for a large part of Illinois. Please, pray for our church. I honestly believe persecution in the strong sense will be here in America in quite possibly our life time.